D'addario Planet Waves 1FLT9 Ukulele Felt Pick 3.0mm


Traditional picks produce a harsh tone on the ukulele, which is why felt has been the go-to material for ukulele picks for years. The D’Addario Ukulele Felt Pick creates that same warm tone with more projection, while the elliptical cutout provides extra grip and flexibility. In addition to ukulele, these picks are excellent alternatives to finger plucking on bass guitar. D'Addario features one of the widest range of guitar picks in the industry. With various material choices to find the tone you are looking for, to the various shapes to fit your comfort needs, D'Addario has the pick for you. Look no further.
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  • Felt is used for a warmer tone
  • Elliptical-shaped hole for grip and flexibility
  • 3.0mm