Evans BD20EMAD2 EMAD 2 20 Inch Bass Drum Head



The EMAD series bass drum head is named for the externally mounted adjustable damping system. This system allows each player to control the attack and focus of the drum head by choosing one of two removable foam damping rings. Choosing the thinner foam ring allows for punch and focus without sacrificing resonance, while choosing the wider foam ring maximizes the low end and attack of any bass drum. The EMAD system is available in a variety of options including single and two ply, and clear and coated versions to accommodate each drummer’s preferences. The EMAD2 is made up of a 6.5 mil ply and a 10 mil ply for added durability and is available in a clear option.
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  • Two Plies
  • 6.5-mil Over 10-mil
  • Balanced Punch
  • Focused Low-End
  • More Durable than EMAD
  • Punchy