Evans BD26MX1W MX126 Inch White Bass Drum Head


Evans MX1 Marching Bass Drum Heads offer articulation and tonal quality previously unheard of in marching applications. With a high degree of damping adjustability, the MX1 Series enables discrete manipulation of bass drum resonance without the need for unsightly patches or cumbersome foam. This 10mm single-ply bass drum head is equipped with a unique tone damping system that enhances articulation and focuses low-end. A series of felt damping arcs can be manipulated for indoor or outdoor marching. These heads are available in either a white version which offers a warmer sound or in a black style with a brighter tone.
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  • High-quality bass drum skin
  • An extra-special sound experience!
  • Thanks to the elaborate processing of the materials, the best quality can be guaranteed.
  • 1 x Evans bass drum skin
  • Includes a damping ring: divided into 8 sections, it guarantees precise and individual damping-an absolute novelty in the Marching range. Colour: White