Evans ETP-G2CTD-F G2 Coated Tom Pack-Fusion 10, 12,14inch



Keep your drums sounding their best with the Evans G2 Coated Fusion Pack! The Evans G2 Coated Fusion Pack is a set of two-ply heads with 7mil each, delivering an excellent blend of sustain, depth, and attack, while offering consistency and durability. A versatile drumhead, the G2 Coated is a great choice for drummers who switch between a variety of styles - your rack toms will sing and your floor toms will growl. Expect even more warmth, depth, and focus from the Evans G2 Coated Fusion Pack!
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  • Sizes: 10", 12", and 14"
  • Batter heads
  • 7mil double-ply drumhead
  • Coated