Evans TT18C7 Calftone 18-Inch Tom Batter Drum Head



Evans '56 Calftone Drum Heads look, sound, and feel like natural calfskin, but they've got the modern benefits of manufacturing consistency, fit, and tuning range thanks to the 360 Technology design. And they won't become floppy under humid conditions!This 18" floor tom head is made from a single ply of 7-mil Mylar blended with "secret ingredients" to produce the rich, vintage tone of calfskin. The attack is subtle and understated, followed by a very full tone with fairly short sustain.Jazz, funk, rockabilly, classic country, and any other genre that prizes richness of sound over volume and punch will benefit from Calftone, but if durability under heavy playing is a key factor you may want to look for a different model.The look of this head screams "vintage", and can work easily well on the batter side or the resonant side of your floor tom.
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  • Single Ply
  • 7-mil Mylar Blend Film
  • Subtle Attack
  • Rich, Full Tone
  • Fixed Internal Control Ring
  • Usable as Batter or Resonant