Ibanez OD850 Limited Edition Reissue Overdrive Effects Pedal


A limited-edition reissue of a classic stompbox introduced in the mid-1970s, this Ibanez OD850 is an overdrive pedal intended for electric guitars and capable of overdrive, fuzz, and distortion tones. It utilizes a 100% analog circuit path and three basic controls to help you achieve a tone appropriate for chunky rhythm sounds, and dirty, sustaining lead tones with more edge. The pedal is powered by a single 9V battery, though with this updated version you can also hook it up to an external power supply via the power jack. In addition, an LED has been included to indicate both operation and battery status, and true-bypass switching ensures that when you turn the effect off, it will not impact your signal chain.
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  • Increased punch and sustain are made possible with a turn of the SUSTAIN knob, while the tone control can add or subtract edge from your tone. Balance can control the overall level of output
  • A true-bypass switch provides a direct signal path, and keeps the tone clean in bypass modeIn the BoxIbanez OD850 Limited Edition Overdrive PedalLimited 1-Year WarrantyNot in the Box