Ibanez PGC1000 Prestige Guitar Cloth


SHINETEX Microfiber Keeping your guitar clean is essential for keeping your instrument in working order and giving it a long lifespan. You also want it to look great. The PGC1000 guitar cloth features super-fine microfibers developed by UNITIKA. The washable cloth captures dust and grime and you can tell how well it works after just one light wipe! The PGC1000 has two different piles; a long pile for shining the guitar's body and neck, and a short pile for difficult-to-clean parts such as hardware.

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  • Thicker fabric on one side and thinner one on the other
  • Thicker fabric works best on the guitar's top
  • Soft application will clean your guitar perfectly with no scratching
  • Thinner fabric is designed to clean the guitar's hardware
  • Completely washable and designed to be long-lasting
  • Size: 240 x 240 mm