Ibanez SMMINI Super Metal Mini Guitar Effects Pedal


This downsized Ibanez Super Metal Mini Distortion Pedal is small in stature, but not tone or controls. Even though its footprint is less than 7.5" square, Ibanez's implementation of concentric knobs gives you fine-grained control over the distortion sound. True hardwire bypass won't suck your tone while the pedal is disengaged. This pedal is actually miniaturized to the degree that a 9V battery will not fit inside the chassis, therefore, a separately available 9V power supply is required.Made in Japan, the SMMINI is based on the original Ibanez SM9 Super Metal pedal introduced in 1984, which used analog circuitry to create its range of warm, thick distortion effects. While its physical size was reduced, the SMMINI does not skimp on tone, delivering the same heavy sounds with the addition of true bypass switching to preserve your signal.
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  • Drive: Controls the amount of gain applied to the signal. More gain = more distortion and sustain.Edge: Increases or attenuates treble response to change the brightness character of the sound
  • Attack: Controls the amount of "bite" applied to the distorted sound
  • Punch: Increases or attenuates the bass response to change the bottom-end character of the sound
  • Level: Controls the output level of the signal while the effect is engaged