Ibanez TSMINI Tube Screamer Mini Guitar Effects Pedal


The TS MINI Tube Screamer Mini from Ibanez is a guitar effect overdrive pedal designed to emulate warm, natural tube overdrive. It has uses in many genres and environments, whether playing rock, metal, or country music in a bedroom studio or on stage in an arena, this pedal has something to offer.Using 100% analog circuitry, the TS MINI produces the same classic tones as the standard Tube Screamer pedal, but is contained in a more compact form to save valuable pedalboard space. It has the same controls for overdrive, tone, and level, with the addition of true bypass switching to preserve your signal. This pedal cannot be battery operated and requires an external 9V AC adapter (Ibanez AC509 sold separately).
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  • Delivers warm, natural tube overdrive
  • 1/4" input and output jacks
  • 100% analog circuitry
  • LED indicator shows status of effect and the battery condition
  • Rugged metal construction assures durability
  • Small, space-saving footprint
  • Works with a 9V AC power adapter only (Ibanez AC509 sold separately)