IQ Plus IQ-P028-00 Plastic Egg Maracas with 5inch Handles

IQ Plus

Maracas are a native instrument to Latin America. Usually played in pairs, this instrument consists of a shell made out of wood, plastic or animal skin filled with natural or artificial beads. Maracas are used to form a basic rhythmic pattern for many types of music, and are excellent for developing good timing and rhythm. Both the shell and the handle on the IQ Plus Plastic Egg Maracas are created from high-strength plastic, creating a louder more projecting sound.

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IQ Plus Plastic Egg Maracas Features:

- Forms the basic rhythmic patterns for many types of music
- An excellent instrument to develop rhythm and timing
- Shells and 5" handles created from high-strength plastic
- Louder, more projecting sound than the wooden ore skin versions