IQ Plus IQ-W007-01 Yellow & Green Castanet with Handle

IQ Plus


The word castanet got its origins from "castaina”, the Spanish word for chestnut. Castanets are a percussion instrument with a long history in Roman, Latin American and Spanish cultures. They were popularized and most often used by Flamenco dancers; castanet performances usually included pairs of the shell-like instruments being played together. The rhythmic clacking sounds created by each pair and the dancer's movements along to the clicks and snaps made watching of these performances very delightful.
IQ Plus Castanets are excellent instruments for use by children in the classroom to contribute to a musical situation, especially involving rhythm and dance. They will teach your child about creating the rhythmic foundations on which any type of music is formed. The castanet is often and most effectively played in pairs. This simple, yet sturdy instrument produces bright clapping sounds, a perfect instrument for your child’s first experience and experiments in music. 
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Q Plus Castanet Features: 
- With its small size, IQ Plus castanets are specially designed for children’s hands and fingers to easily hold and play (size 2.5cm x 5.5cm x 5.5cm)
- Produces bright clacking sounds, and is very easy to play
- Constructed from environmentally-friendly rubber wood, child safe and highly durable
- Improves rhythmic and motor skills in children
- Can be very easy and enjoyable to play with or without any prior musical background