IQ Plus IQ-W026-04 10inch Frame Drum

IQ Plus


The Frame Drum is the earliest skin drum known to have existed. It is thought to have originated in Ancient Middle East, India and Rome, reaching midieval Europe through the spread of Islamic culture. Examples and variations of this ancient instrument can be traced back to many countries and cultures, including Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, and Latin America.
The IQ Plus Frame Drum is crafted from environmentally-friendly Siam Oak Wood with a genuine goat-skin head. This particular model features a 10" wide diameter head, while we also offer smaller models with 6" and 8" diameter heads and a larger model featuring an 18" diameter head.
This Frame Drum is extremely durable and easily portable. It has a simple structure but provides very strong educational and entertaining qualities.
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IQ Plus 10"Frame Drum Features:
- 10" Diameter head made from genuine goat skin
- Shell crafted from sustainably-harvested Siam Oak Wood
- Extremely durable and easily portable
- Wooden cross stand provided for greater ease and efficiency while playing
- Provides many educational benefits
- Fun to play