IQ Plus IQ-W054-00 8inch Natural Wood Tambourine

IQ Plus


The tambourine has a long, rich history that has roots in a wide variety of musical genres.  From classical, folk, or rock, tambourines are simplistic yet versatile instruments that can really bring a song to life.  Though an ancient instrument, its structure has largely remained unchanged.  In Europe, they are played with both folk and art music, for example in compositions by Mozart.  It was used to suggest an exotic or eastern flavor to a western audience, as in Tchaikovsky’s Arabian Dance from the famous Nutcracker Suit.
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  • IQ PLUS tambourines are constructed of environmentally friendly rubber wood with chrome plated steel alloy jingles
  • Provides bright, crisp cutting sounds
  • Specially designed for ease in gripping and in the ideal sizes for children’s hands