IQ Plus IQ-W057-00 Bird Sound Maker

IQ Plus


The IQ Plus bird sound maker is a rattle instrument that encourages children to use their creativity to perform. They can try out many ways to create different sounds with this instrument. The sound makers can create natural bird and waterfall sounds by shaking it. Its handle is made from high strength rope and it is easy to handle and control, allowing children to easily enjoy making different sounds together. This IQ Plus instrument can be used at home to make music with the family or used in music classes at school. It will help children improve their hearing ability which is essential for music learning at the early age.

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IQ Plus Bird Sound Maker Features: 

- Made of environmentally friendly rubber wood, affixed to high strength rope that allows children to easily handle and control
 - Unique design creates very distinctive sounds
- An excellent choice for children of all ages
- Great teaching tool for teachers to enrich songs or story telling time