IQ Plus IQ-W071-00 Dancing Wooden Bells

IQ Plus


IQ Plus dancing wooden bells are designed especially for children’s wrists and can be easily strapped on with the durable elastic band. While wearing them, children will notice the bright rattling sounds created with any movement of their arms, whether by playing other musical instruments or dancing. This helps to improve their motor skills and can be used for learning rhythms when playing along to different tunes. Ideally used in a group setting, playing and dancing together to any type of music.
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IQ Plus Dancing Wooden Bells Features: 
- The bells are constructed of environmentally-friendly rubber wood, attached to colorful elastic wrist bands wrapped securely around children’s wrists while moving or dancing.
- Colorful designs will attract children’s attention to play with and start making music
- Available in four colors and designs
- Weighs only 0.08kg