IQ Plus IQ-W074-02 Blue Spectrum Klong Yao

IQ Plus


The Klong Yao is a long drum used in traditional Thai music. It is usually slung over the shoulder and played with the hands. It is used in many national festivals and parades throughout the year in Thailand.
IQ Plus' version of this instrument is made using environmentally-friendly rubber wood with a water-buffalo skin head. It is 29.5" tall, has a 10" diameter head and is coated with our own unique "Blue Spectrum" finish that brings different colors to the surface depending on the angle with which the light reflects off of it.  
This instrument is ideal for classrooms where multiple instruments are played together. Both kids and teachers love to play the Klong Yao!
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IQ Plus Blue Spectrum Klong Yao Features:
- 30" tall with a 10" diameter head made from genuine water buffalo skin
- Shell crafted from sustainably-harvested Rubber Wood
- Extremely durable and easily portable
- 5mm non-stretch rope for effective and long-lasting tuning
- Ideal for playing in a group