Laney LR5 Linebacker Series Guitar Combo Amp

Some players like a lot of control over their tones and effects, some players are happy with simple straight ahead tone and effects combinations which sound great with the minimum amount of fuss. The Linebacker range is directed fairly and squarely at this later category of players. The LR5 is the smallest unit of the range and offers some unique features to the Laney amp lineup. The LR5 offers a single guitar channel featuring the same amp models as it's bigger brothers, but adds in a Mic/Line channel and battery powered portability - a feature not seen in any other Laney amp. The LR5 comes supplied with a carry strap to get you out and about from the get go, when you're not carrying the amp the strap doubles up as a guitar strap
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  • 5 Watts RMS, 6.5 Inches Custom Driver, 11 Amp Models
  • Additional Mic Channel with Level Control, On Board Tuner, PSU Supplied/Battery Power Option (6AAA)
  • Dynamic Contour Control, Presence Control, 4 Modulation FX's
  • Plus Delay & Reverb, 2 FX at a time, Ultra High Quality EQ on Each Amp Model
  • Phone/Record Out, Shoulder Strap Included (Converts to free guitar strap)