Line 6 XD-V35L Digital Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

Line 6


The Line 6 XD-V35L digital wireless lavalier microphone system serves up signals so clear and strong, it sounds like you're using a wired mic. Sporting the same cutting-edge technology that drives Line 6's flagship wireless system, the XD-V35L operates in the 2.4GHz band - giving you clean signals that are free of interference from TV stations and other high-powered sources. Using the XD-V35L couldn't be simpler - just power on and select one of six always-available channels. That's it! Enjoy "wired" performance - without the wires - with the Line 6 XD-V35L digital wireless lavalier system.
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  • Rugged polycarbonate construction with protected internal antennas
  • Full-range 10Hz-20kHz (-2dB) AF frequency response
  • Wide 118dB dynamic range (A weighted)
  • 24-bit digital conversion
  • Reliable 2.4GHz operation avoids interference caused by TV stations and other high-powered sources
  • 6 always-available channels; up to 275' range
  • LCD display on transmitter for monitoring battery use and selecting channels
  • Proven 4th-generation digital wireless technology
  • One-step setup makes the system extremely easy to use
  • License free operation worldwide