On-Stage DPB3000 Standard Padded Five Piece Drum Bag Set


Constructed of durable, heavy-duty black nylon and complete with both shoulder straps and handles, the On-Stage DPB3000 Drum Bag Set transports the whole kit and kaboodle. Five separate/individual bags accommodate the five drums in a standard rock set: the 22"x18" bass drum, 12"x10" high tom, 13"x10" middle tom, 16"x16" floor tom and 14"x5.5" snare, while double-pull zippers provide easy access to protective, padded interiors.
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  • Complete padded bag set for standard drum set
  • Shoulder straps as well as handles on each bag provide versatille, comfortable, carrying options
  • Double pull zippers provide ultimate access
  • Rugged nylon exterior with padded, smoothly lined interior