Soundsation DSKIT-7 Acoustic Drumset Microphone Kit



Soundsation DSKIT-7 is a prime solution to mike your acoustic drum-set. New reduced size designed microphones give them a better cosmetic appeal and discretion in comparison to the used drum-set. Ideal for modern drummers, this kit gives max reliability both live performances and studio recording applications. Each microphone mounts a high quality capsule and its frequency response has been optimized according to the drum instrument to mike (snare, tom, bass drum, cymbals). DSKIT-7 includes supports for various types of microphone and comes with a flight case for easy transport.
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  • Advanced electroacoustic characteristic drum microphone set
  • Bass drum microphone-full low frequency response for strong and dynamical bass effect pick up
  • Snare drum microphone-well designed low and frequency, ideal for snare and tom tom drum
  • Condenser microphone with wide frequency response and high frequency resolution for optimal recording of cymbals and hi-hat
  • Microphones with rugged body construction
  • Rugged Flight Case
  • Comes with 1 bass drum mic (BDM-30 ) , 4 tom/snare mics ( TTM-30 ), 2 cymbal condenser mics (CM-1000) with windscreen, 4 mic stand holders , 5 drumset mic holders
  • deal for drums (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Tom Drum, Cymbals) in live performances and studio recording applications