Soundsation WF-D290HH Dual Digital UHF 2 Handheld Microphones 823-832 MHz



SOUNDSATION WF-D290 adopts a brand-new digital transmission technology and hardware encryption of audio data that enable superior audio quality (compared to analog UHF systems), very-low latency (better than 2.4GHz systems) and maximum security due to the cryptographic hardware. The unique 16bit digital ID pilot technology avoids interferences even on same frequency, and allows continuous exchange of data between transmitters and receiver, such as battery level, transmission power, squelch operation, etc. The system is equipped with automatic frequency scanning and frequency spectrum display, which allow the user to select the less disturbed frequencies in every environment it operates. It features 90 frequencies for each transmitter, divided into 10 groups, each of which contains 9 channels. The user interface is very simple and intuitive, thanks to the TFT color display on the receiver and the simplicity of its setup menus. The handheld transmitter and the bodypack (in case of WF-D290HP), however, are equipped with LCD display with auto-off function, to save battery. The handheld microphone is also equipped with rechargeable lithium battery that can be recharged via the USB port on the back of the receiver. Finally, there are two optional kit for rack mounting of 1 or 2 receivers, respectively, on 1 or 2 standard 19” rack units.
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  • UHF E-Band operation (823-832 MHz)
  • Digital audio transmission technology
  • Unique digital 16-bit ID pilot technology
  • Transmitter AF-level, Audio-level and Battery-Low monitoring on the Receiver
  • Double antenna diversity technology
  • No crosstalk disturbance even on same frequency
  • Ultra-short audio latency
  • Sampling Frequency
  • 30Hz-20kHz frequency response
  • Colorful TFT display and menu settings on receiver
  • Auto frequency scanning and spectrum display
  • 50m Ideal Distance (without obstacles)
  • Infrared Tx-Rx synchronization system for quick system setting
  • Professional Handheld Microphone with Professional Dynamic Cardioid Capsule and rechargeable Lithium Battery