Tama HH35W Stage Master Double-Braced Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand


The Tama Stage Master Double-Braced Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand is loaded with features that give it the flexibility todays drummers demand. Swivel Foot Since the foot pedal can be rotated around the tripod base, the Swivel Foot feature greatly expands floor space and set-up flexibility. Spare-the-rod No more hi-hat rods getting bent out of shape during transport! With Spare-The-Rod, you can save your hi-hat rod from the rigors of the road by packing it in the specially designed upper tube section pipe. Non-loosening tension rod The rubber insulator at the end of the rod prevents the rod from loosening as well as the noise cause by metal-to-metal contact. Toe Guard The plastic cover protects the chain from toe action and vice versa. Security Clutch When the T-nut is tightened, the clutch fixes the rod at three different positions, help tighten the rod efficiently and durably.
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