Tama KTT146 Warlord Series 14x6 Titanium Snare


A drum truly worthy of its inspiration: the powerful Titans of Greek mythology who challenged the gods. The application of TAMA’s special R.S.E. (Resonant Sound Edge, patent pending) bearing edge adds even more strength to the Titanium shell as well as a wider tuning range and precise tonal balance—all so you can challenge the gods.
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  • Size : 6" x 14"
  • Shell : 1mm Titanium w/R.S.E.
  • Lug : MK1L6B Warlord Collection Lug (Black Diamond Crystal)
  • Snare wires : Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare
  • Hoops : Die-Cast (10 Hole, Antique Black)
  • Strainer/Butt : MUS80A/MUS80B