Tycoon TRR-FS4 4-Piece Rhythm Rack


The 4-Piece Rhythm Rack with 4 Mounting Rods from Tycoon Percussion is a height-adjustable percussion mounting system which allows you to play up to 4 mounted percussion instruments at once. The rack includes a steel horizontal bar which clamps onto the included tripod base stand via the included rack stand clamp. It also includes 4 paddles and 4 beaters, and 4 rods for mounting the instruments. This rack is designed for use by players of all ages and experience levels. It is effective for use in rehabilitation and educational programs within hospitals, care centers, and universities. The rack can be folded down easily for travel and storage.
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  • Horizontal bar material steel
  • Rack stand clamp material steel
  • rack replacement paddle material steel
  • Rack replacement attachable Beater material ABS plastic
  • rythm Rack stand material steel, maximum height 54"(137cm)