(USED) Laney LV300 Twin 120W 2x12 Tube Hybrid Guitar Combo Amp

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 The three-channel LV300T is a gig-ready combo packed with features for live use. Its 120-watt RMS output section is coupled to twin12” loudspeakers that have been custom-designed for Laney by HH. Guitarists know that tubes add warmth and character to most classic guitar sounds but tube amps can be heavy and more expensive. The LV300T’s preamplifier is therefore equipped with a real ECC83 tube to combine the practicality and portability of a solid-state amplifier with the benefits of tube tone. Each of the 2 Drive channels features a ‘V’ switch. This gives you an instantly scooped tone plus as there is one per channel it gives the flexibility to scoop the rhythm tone whilst leaving the solo tone unaffected. Next comes the VTS switch. On-board reverb provides ambiance to the amp tone and different reverb levels can be set to Clean and Drive sections.
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  • 120 Watts
  • Headphone socket
  • Mp3/Aux in
  • FS3 Footswitch supplied
  • Extension speaker socket
  • Reverb
  • FX loop
  • VTS Switch
  • V Scoop Switch
  • Loaded with 2 x 12" HH Drivers
  • 3 Channels