Yamaha DTX900M Drum Trigger Module


Featuring 1,115 top-of-the-line drum sounds, the DTX900M drum trigger module also includes 512MB of memory for sampling and loading new sounds.
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The DTX900M combines Yamaha’s passion for making the best sounding acoustic drums with our extensive knowledge of digital sound technology. Not only do you get the sounds of legendary Yamaha acoustic kits, but you also get famous drum sounds from throughout the history of drumming including drums and cymbals from different manufacturers. These are actual samples of real drums -- not models -- so they don’t rely on heavy ambience processing to sound good. By incorporating Xpanded Articulation technology from the MOTIF series -- which creates subtly different samples even when you strike the drum with the same force -- you will experience more natural snare rolls and can accurately recreate the feel of a hi-hat or ride cymbal to the finest detail. You also get a collection of highly expressive world percussion instruments and electronic sounds.

With 512MB of Sampling Memory onboard, the DTX900M allows you to record new sounds and assign them to the pads, or import samples via a USB memory device right out of the box. This lets you stay current with musical trends and take advantage of the many drum libraries available without having a computer on stage. Loading new sounds gives the casual electronic drummer fresh new tones to play with, and the advanced user can further tweak those Voices with the DTX900M’s Voice, pad and effects settings.

Today’s drum production techniques require that the effects deserve the same attention to detail as the drum sounds. The DTX900M has three DSP effects blocks per kit that can be configured to produce these sought after sounds. Our REVERB effect has presets from the legendary SPX2000; the CHORUS features traditional effects as well as tempo-based delays, phasers and flangers; and the VARIATION block can be routed as either a send or insert, to recreate buss-compression -- a studio technique whereby compressed sounds are mixed with the "dry” signal to add punch without squashing the expressiveness of the performance. Add up the individual EQs for each drum and include the MASTER EFFECT and MASTER EQ and you have all the processing needed to create killer sounding drum tracks live or in the studio.

The DTX900M includes extra features that drummers can really appreciate. For example, there are always 50 preset kits plus 50 user kits onboard, and you may use a USB memory device to hold 1,584 additional user kits for instant recall. Our popular Groove Check feature has been expanded to display the timing of up to 5 individual triggers at once. There are 64 programmable "chains” that store 64 steps each, allowing you to create "set lists” and "tempo maps” for all your performance and practice needs. Whether you need to layer, stack or alternate multiple sounds on any pad; assign user grooves to one pad and tap tempo with another or automatically load your samples on power-up, the DTX900M has professional features not found any other model.