Yamaha GM2F53A Gigmaker Drum Hardware Pack


Thus, Yamaha GM2F53A is the real hardware set that gives you the freedom to mount toms at any position or angle as per your desire. It has perfect balance, ultra-comfortable solid silvery body and optimal tonal foundation to create a perfect stand for stage-ready expressive control you need.
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  • Cymbal Stands: CS651WA
  • Hi-Hat Stands: HS650WA
  • Tom Holders: TH type
  • Foot Pedals: FP6110A
  • Snare stands: SS650WA
  • HOOP:
  • Model: Press Hoops
  • Material: Metal for TT, SD / Wood for BD
  • SHELLS: 
  • Thickness: 6ply for TT / 7ply for BD
  • Material: wood
  • HEAD:
  • Top: Clear Heads with Yamaha logo / Coated Heads for SD
  • Bottom: Clear Heads
  • Front: Black Heads with Yamaha logo
  • Batter: Clear Heads