Yamaha REFACE DX FM Synth


$894$671 (save $223)

Create your sound any place, any time.For keyboardists, music creators and sound interfaces of classic reface Mobile Mini Keyboards are reimagined interfaces of classic Yamaha keyboards. Legendary Sound, modern size, Intuitively control big sound in a small size with four unique synth based on legendary Yamaha keyboards.
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  • 4-operator FM Sound Engine
  • Continuously variable feedback on every operator
  • Multi-touch controls
  • FM Section, Powerful and inuititive FM section lets you easily edit FM sound
  • 32 Presets , reface DX goes retro 80s to cutting edge modern at the flick of a switch
  • Advanced edit, go from snorkeling to deep sea diving by hittind EDIT,Now you can dial in the exact sound detail that FM synthesis is known for.
  • Looper, Integrated MIDI Phrase Looper: capture song ideas or just jam.