Yamaha THR100H Guitar Amp Head


Get ready to experience a whole new level of tone creation. THR100H Dual packs true dual-amp functionality into a single 5kg package. Both amps feature five custom-voiced amp types with natural, organic overdrive, Yamaha™s new ultra-dynamic power amp with selectable output tube simulations and selectable class A or A/B topology, independently assignable boosters, reverbs and IR speaker simulators, as well as selectable single or true dual-discrete inputs for genuine dual-path connectivity
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  • THR amp heads are equipped with an assignable booster that can be engaged directly from the amp or via the dedicated footswitch. With three incredible sounding VCM boosters, from a clean solo boost to a smooth overdrive, all selectable via the optional utility software, the THR’s boost function is able to push your tone to the next level.
  • The choice of power tubes in any amp can make a vital difference. From the warm, soft, rich harmonics of a 6V6 to the pronounced midrange and tight low-end of an EL34, changing your tubes changes your amp. However, selecting the right tubes can be difficult. Swapping them out and re-biasing your amp takes a lot of time and money, and it's easy to make a mistake if you're not entirely sure what you're doing. Accordingly, THR heads feature new VCM simulation, allowing you to select five classic tube types with nothing more than the flick of a switch. You can even choose smooth compression, soft touch and old-school distortion of class A, or the tight bass response, greater headroom and increased dynamics of class A/B for each tube type.
  • Whether you use pedals for your overdrive or just crank up your volume control, one great amp sound is where it all starts. However, when you want to take your sound in a new direction, THR amp heads feature a single-channel design with five distinct custom amp types from solid state to modified high-gain.
  • Amp Type: Solid,Clean, Crunch, Lead, Modern
  • Tube Type: EL34, 6L6GC, KT88,EL84,6V6
  • Effects:BOOSTER (*White/Amber/Green), REVERB (*Hall/Room/Plate/Spring), NOISE GATE (*OFF/1/2/3), FX LOOP (*PARALLEL/SERIAL), SPEAKER SIMULATION