Zoom MSH-6 Mid-Side Capsule



Welcome to the "Mid-Side" recording, which allows you to shape your sound with a whole new level of precision. The MS capsule contains two microphones: a unidirectional microphone pointing to the front (center or "Mid") and a bidirectional microphone pointing to the sides (side or "Side"). With the built-in H5 and H6 MS decoder, they capture a stereo image that is fully compatible with the mono format that can be adjusted after recording, ideal for film, video and television.x
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The Mid-Side MSH-6 stereo microphone capsule is compatible with Zoom H5 and H6 portable recorders , the U-44 Portable Audio Interface , the Q8 Camcorder , and the F8  and F4 Multitrack Recorder , as well as with the extension cable ECM-3 for Zoom microphone capsule.