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RPJAM Workshop at Mozart Chahine School Of Music

Register now, as the seats are limited! Give us a call on 04/414649

This workshop will be spread throughout 3 days, with each day containing a set of unique lessons in : Drums; Electric Guitar ; Bass and Band formation/education and will be split into 1) Professional and 2) Beginner/Intermediate Levels :
*Subscription fee : 50$ for 3 day full access.
**Free for Mozart Chahine students/teachers

The workshop will be followed by a FREE concert on the 30th of July at 8 pm in the outside area of the Jal El Dib Branch

Lineup will consist of : Mozart Chahine teachers, student bands and RPJAM teachers.

1) Professional : Each day from 10 am to 1 pm
2) Beginner/Intermediate : Each day from 3 pm to 6 pm


Technic, condition and speed, timing, improvisation, soloing & fill concepts, sound (playing & tuning)

Electric Guitar:  
Finger board knowledge, transferring theory into fret board knowledge, chord-progressions, chord-inversions, improvisation, different styles = different sounds, effects 

Band :
Arrangement, common groove, sounds, playing together, witch songs on the playlist, leadership 

Bass Guitar:
Sound and role of the bass, Theory and technique for the modern bass, Time and groove in different styles, Bass and Drums relationship, Bass Line and Improvisation

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